Thursday, October 5, 2017

October 5th vocabulary

📣🎊🎉Daily Vocabulary 5⃣ Oct 🎉🎊📣
1. Anecdote (noun): (A brief, often funny, telling of something that happened) (उपाख्यान)
Synonyms: Tale, Narrative, Reminiscence, Episode.
Example: To get a smile from the bullied student, the counselor shared an anecdote about her school days.
Related words:
Anecdotic (adjective) - Characterized by or given to telling anecdotes
Origin: from Greek ekdidōnai ‘publish’.
2. Chug (verb): (To make slow but steady progress) (धीरे धीरे आगे बढ़ना)
Synonyms: Amble, Saunter, Promenade, Snort.
Antonyms: Boost Up, scurry, scuttle.
Example: The students chug through the halls because they’re not eager to go to class.
Verb forms: Chug, Chugged, Chugged.
3. Repose (verb): (Be situated or kept in a particular place.) (रख्नना/निहित होना)
Synonyms: Lie, Be placed, Be set, Be situated, Be positioned, Be supported
Example: After a very good monsoon, agrarian economy is expected to repose itself at niche.
Verb forms: Repose, Reposed, Reposed.
Origin:  from Latin repausare, from re-(expressing intensive force) + pausare ‘to pause’.
4. Wane (verb): (Become weaker/ decrease in vigor or extent.) (क्षीण होना/ कम होना)
Synonyms: Decrease, Decline, Diminish, Dwindle, Dim, Fade, Lessen, Ebb.
Antonyms: Develop, Enhance, Enlarge, Grow, Increase, Rise.
Example: Because the singer believed her number of fans was starting to wane, she created social media accounts to increase her fan base.
Verb forms: Wane, Waned, Waned
5. Write off (noun): (A cancellation from an account of a bad debt or worthless asset/ an elimination of an item from the books of account) (निरस्तीकरण)
Synonyms: Cancellation, Dismissal, Deletion (of accounts/debts).
Example: The store manager was persuaded write off the bill on the accounts of poor conditions of the beggar.
Verb forms: Write off, Written off, Written off.
Related words:
Write off (verb) - Dismiss
6. Collateral (noun): Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default. (गारंटी)
Synonyms: Security, Surety, Guarantee, Assurance, Insurance, Indemnity
Antonyms: Insecurity, Danger, Peril, Risk.
Example: If William wants to use his boat as collateral for the business loan, he needs to show proof of ownership to the bank.
7. Beleaguer (verb): (To be in a very difficult situation/ To cause constant or repeated trouble for.  (अवरोध करना/तंग करना/परेशान करना)
Synonyms: Bother, Trouble, Disturb, Harass, Badger, Persecute
Antonyms: Aid, Please, Help, Assist
Example: A lack of funds is going to beleaguer the school district and cause several school closures.
Verb forms: Beleaguer, Beleaguered, Beleaguered
Related words:
Beleaguered (adjective) – परेशानी में
8. Sputter (verb): (Proceed in a spasmodic and feeble way.) (डगमगाना/लड़खड़ाना)
Synonyms: Stumble, Totter, Wobble, Shamble.
Antonyms: Move Speedily, Grow Fast.
Example: The sputtering state of economy can be improved by gaining the investor confidence.
Verb forms: Sputter, Sputtered, Sputtered.
9. Subvention (noun): (A grant of money, especially from a government.) (अनुदान/आर्थिक सहायता)
Synonyms: Subsidy, Concession, Gratuity, Grant (Of Money)
Antonyms: Denial, Refusal
Example: During the drought, the government gave farmers a Subvention to help them stay in business.
Verb forms: Subvent, Subvented, Subvented
Related words:
Subvent (verb) - आर्थिक समर्थन का वादा करना
10. Break out (phrasal verb): (Start suddenly/ To occur unexpectedly and intensely.) (प्रस्फुटित होना/निकल आना)
Synonyms: Flare Up, Start/Begin Suddenly, Erupt, Burst Out, Blow Up
Antonyms: Suppress, Oppress.
Example: We were enjoying a nice walk when a storm broke out and forced us to run back home.
Verb forms: Break out, broke out, Broken out.
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